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Spotlight on Nick Merrigan

Welcome back to our Employee Spotlight! This time, meet Nick: a digital designer with a love for the ocean, who's designing a change at Stepwise. Let's get to know him better.

Jun 29, 2023

Tell us about Nick
I'm educated as an industrial designer, with an MSc in Computing and Design. I jumped from physical product to digital design back when Netscape was still a killer browser. My fascination with digital design has seen me wear various hats - from front-end dev, UX/UI, prototyping, production, to digital transformations. With over two decades of experience, I've been privileged to work for several design consultancies in both Dublin and Stavanger, dipping my toes in diverse domains from telecommunications, finance, health, to mobility, and, most recently, the energy sector.
Originally from Ireland, I've spent the last decade living on the West Coast of Norway. Here, I can indulge my passions for windsurfing and biking, when I'm not outdoors, I love dabbling with woodwork.
#toomanytoolsboardsandbikes #neverenough
Why did you join Stepwise?
The world is in urgent need of intelligent solutions to reduce emissions and transition to renewable solutions. What drew me to Stepwise was their pragmatic approach to addressing this issue, starting with offshore energy, before extending to other domains like offshore wind. The oil and gas sector, is a huge contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, and is the toughest nut to crack, but the potential for emission savings is enormous. At Stepwise, we believe in creating a real impact by focusing on emission transparency and innovative carbon management. Working with a highly skilled and experienced team at Stepwise fuels my confidence that we can create the change we want to see. It is an opportunity to learn, vary my experience, and use my skills to their fullest potential.
What’s your focus in Stepwise?
My focus in Stepwise is to create a concrete expression for our strategy.
This is done through co-creation with our SME team and management. It includes aspects such as branding, communications to UX/UI, information design and 
design strategy. I map, sketch, prototype, test and iterate.
It's fulfilling to contribute to the development of a SaaS application that transcends a UI and builds towards a comprehensive, autonomous end-to-end workflow for our clients – a solution that leverages advanced technologies to automate and optimize carbon management across various domains.
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