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Spotlight on Bergtor Haugå

Welcome back to our Employee Spotlight! This time, we're thrilled to introduce Bergtor Haugå, our ADC specialist, who brings over 25 years of expertise to the team. 💫 Let's get to know him better!

Feb 6, 2024

Tell us about Bergtor:

I'm Bergtor, an ADC specialist and a spirited individual passionate about aviation, sports, and outdoor explorations.
Engineering and hands-on experience in aviation have empowered me to craft aircraft that embody artistry and functionality. The thrill of piloting these aircraft and exploring the skies above Europe brings me joy. These adventures also allow me to combine my engineering skills and passion for adventure and exploration.
I thrive in collaborative environments where the team celebrates creativity and innovation. I believe in the power of connections and am always eager to engage with like-minded individuals. I'm keen to share my experience in my work, learn from others, and contribute my expertise to a team that shares a purposeful vision.

Why did you join Stepwise?

To me, joining Stepwise was a deliberate choice driven by a shared commitment to values with the team I am collaborating with. Being a part of developing products with a positive environmental impact on the Oil and Gas industry is the key driving force.
Stepwise's focus on nurturing a sense of inclusivity, promoting a positive work environment, and a healthy work-life balance also makes this a personally fulfilling experience.

What is your focus in Stepwise?

In Stepwise, I wear multiple hats, from interacting closely with clients worldwide to assuming the responsibilities of a project manager overseeing Stepwise and client relationships. In collaboration with my team at Stepwise, we also focus on kick-starting the implementation of cybersecurity measures, recognizing the critical importance of data safety for Stepwise and its clients.  

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