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Accelerating emission reduction for the energy sector

Our unified platform enables operators to systematically reduce their emissions through efficiency gains, monitor and credibly verify emissions reductions across operations and management

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What gets measured gets managed

Systematically plan, monitor, report and reduce emissions against a defined baseline. Target your goals for production in full compliance with regulations.

Stepwise systematically tracks Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI). Enabling your company to establish an energy baseline. Take action by creating an Energy Management Plan (EMP) through measurable Energy Reduction Initiatives (ERI's).
Once complete, analyze progress, and cost savings through continual improvements. All the while improving operational efficiency through a Plan, Do, Check and Act workflow in compliance with ISO emission reporting standards.

Measured total CO2 savings (CO2 Te)
Measured total NOx savings (NOx kg)
Measured total fuel cost savings (USD)
Savings from a single operational instance of the Stepwise Emissions Module for a 3 month period
Why Stepwise

More than metrics

Can work as a standalone solution or within the client's digital eco-system.

Our expert team assists clients in choosing emission reduction efforts and setting performance goals.

We are a full-service partner in programming sustainable emissions reductions across the operational portfolio.

In compliance with ISO standards 50001 & 14064

The offshore emissions module

A powerful platform for managing and reporting emissions

Asset & material input

Configure your asset's profile requirements for both asset managers and operators. Define assets, vessels, helicopters and materials according to Scope 1, 2 and 3.

Establish a baseline

Establish an energy baseline through qualitative datasets and measure against your target.

Define an Energy Management Plan

Take action and define high-quality Energy Reduction Initiatives (ERIs) with the most significant energy impact.

Well planning

Define your phases, vessels & helicopters and assign ERIs. View emission targets for GHG, fuel and fuel cost. Analyze your Baseline vs Target for daily emissions and view potential well emission reduction.

Well complete

Update and approve actual well plan for each phase in addition to vessels, boilers and helicopters.

Well emission analysis

View Scope 1, 2 and 3 analysis as time series for measured emissions, measured emission reductions. View total measured well emissions, cost savings per meter and emission reduction initiative analysis.


Document progress

Regulators and investors require emission disclosures. Reporting sustainable emissions reductions is especially challenging in complex field operations.

Customers, investors, regulators, and partners expect you to share your progress towards Net Zero commitments. We offer extensive reporting options to comply with regulators and engage your stakeholders such as investors and customers.

Stepwise is built to comply with Scope 1, 2 and 3 requirements in addition to popular class notations and the Norwegian Environment Agency offering several export options.

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Creating a world class eco-system

True emission reductions start with
data-driven analysis


Deliver a unified platform for sustainable emissions reduction and monitoring across operations and management

Providing you with the tools to plan for Net Zero