Enabling decarbonization in heavy industries.

The energy transition is under way but in gross terms, the future looks a lot like the present day.

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While global population is projected to grow, future energy supply will rise more modestly in the face of decreasing per capita demand.

Renewables will rise as coal use declines. However, even if all countries meet their announced climate pledges, the global call on oil and gas will remain largely unchanged from today.

Against the backdrop of geopolitical uncertainty, preserving a steady supply of oil and gas from reliable, low-emissions resources will be key to global stability.

IEA: World Energy Supply Forecast for 2050

Energy demand

674.4 EJ

Oil & gas

280.8 EJ


192.5 EJ


78.3 EJ


9.8 B

Stepwise delivers independently verified carbon emissions reduction in heavy industries such as offshore exploration and production, using real-time data and predictive analytics, integrated into a central digital platform.

How it works

An analytical platform

An analytical platform systemizing prediction, measurement and verification of actual carbon emissions

By subject matter experts

Built by subject matter experts in operational efficiency and emissions in specific industrial applications

A marketplace

Functioning as a marketplace attended by all stakeholders to define and incentivize outcomes

Independent certification

Featuring independent, third-party certification of emissions performance against ISO standards

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