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Our vision

Deliver a unified platform for sustainable emissions reduction and monitoring across operations and management

At Stepwise, we are on a mission to empower the energy sector to reach their Net Zero goals. We understand that as economies continue to grow, so does the demand for materials such as cement, steel, and petrochemicals. We also recognize that with this growth comes a responsibility to reduce emissions to protect our planet.

That's why we have developed a suite of SaaS tools to help energy and material producers plan and verify improvements in their operational emissions. We know that the energy sector, in particular, presents a huge opportunity for meaningful change and emission reductions. The IEA estimates that limiting global warming will require significant shifts in the energy sector if we are to reach Net Zero by 2050. The oil and gas sector alone accounts for 9% of all human-made greenhouse gas emissions.But we don't just want to help our clients comply with regulations - we want to help them thrive. That's why our solutions will not only drive emission reductions, but will also focus on performance and cost savings. We want to be the recognised "standard" in the industry, helping our clients navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of environmental regulations and opportunities.

At Stepwise, we are passionate about using technology to drive real-world solutions and make a meaningful impact on the world. We are dedicated to helping heavy industries reach their NetZero goals and play their part in creating a sustainable future for us all.

"We must accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and promote sustainable development, including heavy industries, to meet the growing global demand for energy and materials. By deploying advanced technologies and innovative solutions, we can reduce emissions and create new opportunities for growth and prosperity."

Ban Ki-moon
Former Secretary-General of the United Nations