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Offshore emissions module

Our comprehensive calculation engine is here to eliminate the guesswork associated with carbon management, giving you accurate emission data-sets to drive real reductions. Our emissions module is an integrated service  incorporating end-to-end planning, measurement, and verification.

Measured total CO2 savings (CO2 Te)
Measured total NOx savings (NOx kg)
Measured total fuel cost savings (USD)
Savings from a single operational instance of the Stepwise Emissions Module for a 3 month period
From input to reporting

Your assets & materials

Configure your assets profile requirements for both asset managers and operators. Define assets, vessels, helicopters and materials according to Scope 1, 2 and 3.

Establish a baseline

Establish an energy baseline through qualitative datasets and measure against your target.

Define an Energy Management Plan

Take action and define high-quality Energy Reduction Initiatives (ERI's) with the most significant energy impact.

Well planning & completition

Define your phases, sections & durations in addition to all other relevant data points and assign ERI's which have the most significant energy impact. Define your vessels & helicopters and view emission targets for GHG, fuel and fuel cost. Analyze your baseline vs your target for daily emissions and view potential well emission reduction.

Well complete

Once the well is complete, update and approve actual well plan for each phase in addition to the vessels, boilers and helicopters utilized.

Analyze your daily emissions

View detailed and rigorous Scope 1, 2 and 3 analysis by a number of factors including CO2, NOx, fuel and fuel cost over time comparing each section of the well.

View analysis by time-series for measured emissions, measured emission reduction, total measured well emissions, cost savings per meter and emission reduction initiative analysis.

View emissions on a timeline and compare your baseline vs the target vs the final measured emissions per section of the well.

Stepwise reveals your emission hotspots allowing you to take further action through high impact reductions.

Engage stakeholders

Customers, investors, regulators, and partners expect you to share your progress towards your NetZero commitments.

Stepwise's calculations are transparent and audit-ready. Our SaaS application is built to comply with Scope 1, 2 and 3 requirements in addition to popular class notations and the Norwegian Environment Agency offering you several export options.

Your carbon profile

You can rely on Stepwise to provide an accurate, compliant, and actionable carbon profile. Our analysis dashboard allows you to focus on your asset's carbon hotspots, breaking down your emission data by:

  • Measured emissions per day
  • Measured emissions reduction by GHG, fuel & cost
  • Total measured emissions by Scope 1, 2 and 3
  • Emission summary & performance indicators (EmPI)
  • Emission redution iniatives (ERI’s)

Your emissions profile is a crucial starting point for your Net Zero Journey, and with an accurate baseline, you can track your progress in reducing emissions over time.

Your profile summary

View a total summary for Scope 1, 2 and 3 by CO2, Nox, fuel and fuel cost

GHG reductions

View daily measured emission reductions per ERI on a daily time-series

Compare timelines

Compare your Baseline vs Target vs Actual on a section per section timeline.

Providing you with the tools to plan for NetZero