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Spotlight on Pål Erik Vang

🌊 Meet our maritime maestro! Living on a picturesque island near Ålesund, Norway, he's been navigating the industry since the mid-90s. From the middle of the fairway to local shipyards to international waters, his journey embodies passion, expertise, and an undying commitment to excellence. 🏆 ⛳️

Sep 29, 2023

Tell us about Pål Erik
I'm 45, living on an island near Ålesund in northwest Norway. I share this little slice of paradise with my wife Anika, our daughter Gina who's almost 16, and our 7-year-old son Felix. My free time is mostly dedicated to family, friends, boat rides, and the occasional game of golf.
I entered the marine industry in the mid-90s, starting at a local shipyard. After training in the Technical Institute of Marine Engineering, I ventured into the North Sea and Barents Sea on fishing vessels and trawlers. By 2006, I was with Seadrill, progressing from an Engineer to Chief Engineer.
A chance to work on new build rigs took me to Singapore for five years, then South Korea. Once those projects concluded, I became the Technical Section leader on a North Sea rig. It's been insightful to see the journey from a fresh new build to ensuring efficient and safe drilling operations.
Why did you join Stepwise?
For me, Stepwise presented a genuine opportunity to merge energy efficiency with operational efficiency, all while enhancing productivity. While it's possible to achieve results by addressing each aspect individually, striving for the perfect balance between the two demands effort, expertise, and ongoing improvement. I'm keen to collaborate with out team internally, with our customers, and with our alliance partners to ensure we meet our objectives.
What’s your focus in Stepwise?
In Stepwise, my primary focus is on energy management and energy reduction initiatives. I evaluate data from the units, determine potential savings, and assess their impact on the operating systems.Additionally, I actively utilize the Stepwise application to identify and present these findings to our customers for further evaluation.
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