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Driving systematic decarbonization of the energy sector

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) the heavy industry sector was responsible for around 20% of global CO2 emissions in 2019. Established in 2021, Stepwise is a technology-enabled service driving systematic decarbonization of the energy sector and focusing initially on the offshore energy segment.


At a glance

Founded in 2021
First-to-market with unique offering, solving a critical need for industry
Frame agreement with E&P major
Customer ROI proven through measured time and cost savings in addition to emissions reductions
Uniquely assembled team with credibility and relationships required for accelerated adoption

Delivering tangible value

Potential fuel savings alone are substantial across an organization's supply chain.


Implementing Energy Reduction Initiatives can have substantial cost-benefits to energy producers
  • Fuel savings
  • Production time
  • Reduced man-hours
  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced external costs
  • Improved HSEQ


Automated data exchange can offer significant cost-benefits
  • Reduced Manual Labor
  • Real-time Decision Making
  • Reduced IT Costs
  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Storage and Retrieval Efficiency


The costs of non-disclosure can be multifaceted, including both financial penalties and long-term strategic risks
  • Carbon Tax
  • Financial Penalties
  • Reputation Costs
  • Market Access and Opportunities
  • Litigation Risks
  • Investment Risks
  • Regulatory Compliance Costs


Defining and tracking emissions objectives from planning to operations, can offer substantial cost benefits through operational savings and strategic growth opportunities
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Future Preparedness
  • Risk Mitigation

Why start with offshore energy?

The offshore oil and gas exploration and production sector is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. A single semi-submersible rig can emit as much as 70 000 metric tons of CO2e annually. This is an estimated annual equivalent of 58 000 fossil driven cars in the EU per year. Our emissions module has the potential to reduce daily CO2 emissions by as much as 50% for certain semi-submersible drilling units.

What's next?

As part of our commitment to emission reporting, we have been developing various modules which can be tailored to the needs of the offshore energy sector, including offshore wind, platforms, production (FPSOs), intervention vessels and land based drilling.

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A strong team distributed across the globe

Stepwise is built by a growing team of subject matter experts. We have extensive unique experience working within the maritime and offshore energy domains for industry leaders such as Equinor, Seadrill, Diamond Offshore, Aker BP, Shell, Cognite, Cameron, Wintershall DEA, SLB, Odfjell drilling, NOV and more. In addition to experience working with innovation, design, tech startups and scale-ups, financial advisory services and advisory services navigating the energy transition.


Full-time members and growing


We combine domain expertise in operational performance, power consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions with a calibrated web-based software application to predict and model operational performance and emissions and gather data to support real-time performance measurement.

Outcomes are verified by a third-party certification company against ISO standards to confirm impact and support emissions reporting requirements. Our service and analysis drive immediate, verified reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in applications where emissions are significant and where access to alternative power sources remains limited or infeasible. Our service is built to support progress as technologies and resources evolve, collaborating with users and providers of industrial equipment to fund and implement advances within the context of evolving regulatory frameworks, always relying on external verification to confirm progress and performance.


Progress to date

Company established
  • Company founded
  • Alliance with Kongsberg Maritime
  • Initial capital raise
  • First pilot signed
Development begins
  • Work begins on first Stepwise application module
    (Mobile Offshore Drilling Units)
  • First pilot goes live: Transocean Norge HE SS
Contracts signed
  • Work begins on next Stepwise application module (Offshore Well Construction)
  • Contract signed for Stepwise advisory service and application access with Diamond Offshore incl: Ocean Great White (HE SS), Black Hornet (DS) and Black Rhino (DS)
  • Alliance expanded to include: DNV, Oliasoft, Peloton, NEMS,
First pilot
  • First pilot of Offshore Well Construction module:
    West Phoenix (Seadrill) drilling on Balder Field for Vår Energi
  • Alliance expanded to include: Horizon56 & Sekal
Data collection
  • First frame agreement with operator Vår Energi to include several modules
  • Stepwise to assist in Vår Energi’s digital ecosystem incl. integrations with:
    Kongsberg Maritime, Oliasoft, Keystone, Kabal, iQx, Maress and NEMS
  • Pilots agreed with several E&P majors including Serica Energy
2023 targets
Additional modules
  • Team to complete Fixed Platform Drilling and Well Intervention functionality plus Performance Tracker and Well Comparison tools
  • Work begins on Production application module together with Vår Energi
  • Data integrations with Oliasoft, Keystone, Kabal, iQx, Maress and NEMS
Offshore wind
  • Start development of Offshore Wind module in partnership with Kongsberg Maritime