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Nøste Energi AS and Stepwise AS are pleased to announce their collaboration.

Nøste, known for their technical expertise in optimising energy systems, will integrate newly patented technology to address a wide range of power quality issues including Harmonics, Reactive power, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Stray Currents.

Sep 21, 2023

Inge Andre Espedal, CEO at Nøste Energi AS, commented, "This collaboration with Stepwise marks a significant step in our ongoing commitment to enhancing energy system efficiency."
Pål Erik Vang, Principal Rig Specialist from Stepwise, added, "Working with Nøste allows us to further refine our ERIs, bringing more value to our customers."
About Nøste Energi AS

Nøste Energi AS in a Norwegian company, founded in 2022 and uses innovative and patented technology to eliminate EMI and Stray Currents and reduce harmonics within electrical systems and networks.

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