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Innovation Norway's Global Energy Tech Program

Learnings from Innovation Norway's Global Energy Tech program.

Nov 22, 2022

Innovation Norway runs a program to get Norwegian technology companies into the US and Mexico Energy market called "The Global Energy Tech program". The program is designed to help Norwegian technology companies identify and access market opportunities in the US and Mexico Energy market. The program is part of a larger effort by Innovation Norway to promote the development and use of innovative energy technologies and solutions. They help participants become familiar with the market opportunities that the world's epicenter for energy offers, and at the same time introduce participating companies to selected partners in the region. Norway and Houston have historically close business ties through transatlantic cooperation in the energy industry. Today, most established Norwegian offshore companies have commercial ties with players with an international presence or headquarters in Houston.

Recently, Stepwise was selected along with several other energy-tech startups to travel to Houston to present to a number of energy companies and to visit customers and partners. Houston is well know when it comes to energy and innovation. With a vast natural assets along the Gulf of Mexico, a highly skilled and tech-savvy workforce, and a strong culture of growth, Houston is paving the way for a greener and more efficient energy economy. From reducing its carbon footprint to meeting the growing global demand for energy - Houston is at the forefront of the global energy transition.

Both Kane Liddelow (CCO) & Matthew Johan (Executive Director) from Stepwise had the pleasure of presenting our technology to a host of energy companies. It was a terrific experience to be a part of the program and to avail of the opportunity to become part of this tech community. There were some great learnings and cross-pollination alongside our fellow energy tech companies. We had pitch coaching sessions, gained in-depth insight into the international energy market and visited a host of energy companies gaining valuable feedback and connections along the way. Thank you to the companies who took the time to meet us, to learn about our emission planning & reporting technology. Also, a special thank you to Innovation Norway for facilitating the program.

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