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Stepwise and Serica Energy to pioneer Well Operations Emissions Reduction Project in the UK North Sea.

Serica Energy (UK), a leading mid-tier oil and gas company with operations focused on the UK North Sea announce a pilot project with Stepwise

Sep 7, 2023

Stepwise, a leading SaaS provider of heavy industry emission reporting, is excited to announce a pilot project in partnership with Serica Energy (UK), a leading mid-tier oil and gas company with operations focused on the UK North Sea.

This partnership sees Serica employing Stepwise’s cloud-based toolkit to plan, monitor, report and verify continuous improvements in operational emissions. Working with the Company’s Wells and ESG teams, the initiative will improve emissions transparency on Serica's operations in the North Sea, commencing with a Light Well Intervention campaign at their Bruce and Keith fields in Spring 2024 using the Helix Well Enhancer vessel.

Integrating the Stepwise platform into Serica's operations will amplify the impact of the Company's Emissions Reduction Action Plan (ERAP). It will also underline their commitment to utilising innovation and technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through operations optimisation. With an increased focus on monitoring, reducing, and reporting Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, this collaboration is set to deliver significant advances.

Finlay Johnston, VP of Contracts and Marketing at Stepwise, highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating:

"Collaborating with Serica is a testament to our shared vision for a sustainable energy transition. With our emission monitoring solution, we're equipped to provide the team with the robust data and insights they require initially through well operations planning and design, to live operational monitoring and reporting allowing them to continually move closer to their commitment on carbon reduction.”

Alex Pirie, Wells Manager at Serica Energy, added:

"We are committed to The North Sea Transition Deal (NSTD) and are playing our part to halve emissions by 2030. Our Emissions Reduction Group is set to work on meeting this challenge. Stepwise is a technology we have identified to assist us on this journey. It will enable us to set emission baselines for our planned well operations and monitor and report offshore operations emissions against these. This data will be used to optimise operations and select appropriate technologies to facilitate reducing our emissions now and in the future. Serica has pledged to uphold several sustainability reporting frameworks, including the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), amongst many others. This pilot will allow more transparent and consistent reporting going forward.”

About Serica Energy: 

Serica Energy is a leading independent UK upstream oil and gas company, with operations centered on the UK North Sea. The company's estimated production for 2023 ranges between 40,000 and 47,000 boe per day, employing over 200 staff across London, Aberdeen, and offshore operations.

Photo and credits: Helix Well Enhancer

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