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Spotlight on Njål Aarsland

This week, we're featuring our lead solutions architect, Njål Aarsland! Njål works both from his home office on the coast of Jæren and at our Stavanger office. He is a dab hand at DIY and is a keen lobster fisherman. For Stepwise, Njål primarily focuses on architecture and integrations.

Feb 2, 2023

Tell us about Njål

I'm 54 and live in Vigrestad, Norway, by the windy coast and farmlands of Jæren. I live with my wife Siri, our 3, soon-to-be grown-up children Elias, Filip and Celine, 7 chickens, and Celine's farm of hamsters. So, from time to time we can count up to 60 animals!
I enjoy being active outdoors, fishing, hiking, and skiing when I'm not working. I'm a handyman and like getting my hands dirty with DIY projects. I also love travelling, exploring new places and cultures and having adventures. I also volunteer as a scouting leader for the local youth club.
I'm always open and curious about new technology and learning what value it can bring.

Why did you join Stepwise?

After 20 years of working with drilling controls and automation systems with Cameron, I was ready for a new challenge. Stepwise is a tech startup with a mission I believe in and is an exciting opportunity.
I'm passionate about utilizing my knowledge, integrating people and technology to drive increased performance and simplicity. I relish the opportunity to be part of designing and creating a product that drives sustainability and delivers genuine value for our users and customers.
In Stepwise, I can utilize my skills to contribute to an exciting product in an inspiring and multi-skilled team of talented colleagues. I enjoy Stepwise's drive, ambition and the team's sense of humour 😊

What’s your focus in Stepwise?

With a relatively compact and dynamic team, my responsibilities and tasks in Stepwise are diverse. My main focus is system architecture and integrations, product specifications and follow-up with the development team.
I also contribute to product management, UX design, interaction with vendors and clients, best available technology studies, and contract work.

Learn more about Njål here

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