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Spotlight on Matthew Johan

This week we're focusing on Matthew! Our New York based strategic thinker, visionary, co-founder, investment banker and executive director. When Matt isn't spending time with his family, he surfs, enjoys a cold water plunge, travels, and loves tinkering with his car.

Mar 3, 2023

Tell us about Matthew

I’m forty-two and live in the hamlet of Springs in East Hampton, on the east end of Long Island, New York, with my wife Lauren and our five-year-old son Maxwell.
I grew up in Southern California, and have lived in the Bay Area, New York City and Southeast Asia. I travel often, heading to Norway and Houston for monthly trips to see colleagues, clients and investors, and have enjoyed extended stays with friends and family in Spain and Australia during the past year.
I am always curious, whether reading about physics or learning to fix the car watching YouTube videos. I get outdoors running and surfing and have recently taken up weekly cold-water ocean plunges every Sunday morning with a group of neighbors.

Why did you establish Stepwise?

Stepwise was inspired by the work of some very impressive engineers. They developed an elegant approach to factor analysis and prediction, aiming to drive operational efficiency in offshore drilling.
I saw an opportunity to scale these insights across industries. I sat down over a quiet summer month and drafted an early business plan, hoping to convince my partners to commercialize Stepwise. They agreed, and we got to work.
As an investment banker, I’ve helped others secure capital in pursuit of their ambitions. I’m enjoying building something new and sharing it with a team who bring such a fascinating mix of strengths and perspectives to the table.

What’s your focus in Stepwise?

I have executive responsibility for the overview and support of the Stepwise team. I get to spend time across process and software development, marketing, finance and capital raising, but the challenge I enjoy most is working with our team to define strategy.
Becoming the standard solution for managing emissions across heavy industries while making efficient use of our capital demands cleverness and commitment. Our team brings both, every day.

Learn more about Matthew here

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