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Spotlight on Anders Attramadal

Let's focus on Anders! Our multi-talented, tuna fish farming, dancing Chief Operating Officer. Always with a big smile and a hands-on approach to design innovation. Anders focuses on bridging the gap between our stakeholder's needs and delivering a service that positively impacts efficiency and emissions.

Feb 16, 2023

Tell us about Anders

My background and education is industrial design,  cybernetics and Olympiatoppen. My areas of expertise include digital transformation, software development, subsea and marine operations, strategy and business development, rig design, early phase engineering, construction and operation preparation.
My “hobby” of farming Atlantic bluefin tuna brought me to Capo Verde, but I also work closely with my colleagues in Stepwise through the high-speed internet daily. When I’m not working, I love to play tennis, hike in the mountains, enjoy the sea and, dance. 🕺

Why did you join Stepwise?

I joined Stepwise to use my experience and skills to help accelerate the Net Zero ambition.
I firmly believe in our approach. We focus on creating clarity and transparency regarding the positive effects of emission reduction initiatives. Clarity will lead to smarter operational decisions. Transparency will generate further momentum towards energy efficiency and GHG reductions.
We will succeed when we trust the numbers and the mission.

What’s your focus in Stepwise?

I want to enable Stepwise to deliver software that delights our users. and create a service that positively impacts efficiency and emissions.
It takes creativity to design and build new services, and I really enjoy the process of figuring out what to prototype and test next. The complexity we handle requires a lot of competence, and I love how Stepwise has gathered the best minds globally to work dynamically with design and development to bring our solutions to life.
My focus is to deliver a service that positively impacts efficiency and emissions. #racetonetzero

Learn more about Anders here

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