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Spotlight on Lars Smeland

This week the spotlight is on Lars, our critical thinker with an eye for the details, Lars is our Lead Product Engineer and brings so much domain experience to the team, and we're all jealous of his 911 🚗 💨

Mar 16, 2023

Tell us about Lars-Petter
I'm a proud 53-year-old family man from a quite village in "sunny" southern Norway. My wonderful wife and I have been blessed with three amazing sons. We've had the privilege of living in Asia for eight years, which ignited our love for traveling and meeting new people from all corners of the world.
In my free time, you can find me indulging in summer and winter trips to the mountains, practicing my swing on the golf course, embracing the great outdoors, and fulfilling my need for speed on my Porsche and motorbike.
I'm extremely passionate about renewable energy - from innovative solar cell systems to cutting-edge hydropower and energy storage solutions. In fact, I always have a few ongoing projects related to this passion of mine.
Why did you join Stepwise?
I've spent 25 years working in the oil industry, developing cutting-edge technology to enhance drilling operations and the start-up of new drilling rigs. Back in the day, energy-saving and emissions control weren't top priorities. People used to run equipment at all times, regardless of its energy efficiency.
However, as we've become more aware of the environmental impact of energy usage and emissions, it's clear that we need to take action and prioritize emission reduction. That's why I'm passionate about developing a SaaS tool to help heavy industries gain better control over their emissions. By using this tool, customers can challenge operations and technology producers to drive the development of innovative solutions that reduce GHG.
Together, we can make a positive impact!
What is your focus in Stepwise?
At Stepwise, I'm on a mission to develop a user-friendly and versatile software model that can tackle emissions reduction across multiple heavy industries. It's all about making it easy for our customers to plan, execute and analyze effective initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint.
I'm dedicated to ensuring that the system is both logical and easy to use. It must align with our customer's needs while meeting reporting standards. Calculating the impact of new technology is also a priority - it's all about driving the adoption of energy-reducing initiatives in the most efficient way possible.

Learn more about Lars here

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