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Ezone Energy AS and Stepwise AS have announced a strategic collaboration.

This partnership will combine Ezone Energy's technology offerings within Stepwise's Energy Reduction Initiatives (ERIs) as part of their emission management platform. The fusion of their strengths aims to provide our clients with enhanced power efficiencies, particularly where transformers and power cables are pivotal to energy infrastructure.

Sep 21, 2023

Pål Erik Vang, Principal Rig Specialist from Stepwise, commented, "As we broaden our energy efficiency portfolio, collaborating with Ezone Energy is a step forward. Their innovative solutions combined with our ERIs ensure that our clients have the potential to achieve even greater levels of power efficiency."
Martin Andersen, CEO of Ezone Energy, stated, "We are excited to integrate our technological advances with Stepwise's software. This collaboration signifies our commitment to advancing energy efficiency but also aligns perfectly with our mission to reshape significant electricity uses through innovative theoretical principles."
About Ezone Energy:

Ezone Energy, a Norwegian company, has developed technology that can significantly improve energy efficiency through the application of fundamentally new theoretical principles, with the potential to shape all significant uses of electricity.

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