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Congratulations to Rune Hatleskog – our Vår Energi / Stepwise CO2 Estimation Challenge winner! 🎉

We're thrilled to announce the winner of the Vår Energi West Phoenix drilling team's CO2 Estimation Challenge… Drilling Superintendent, Rune Hatleskog 🏆

Jun 30, 2023

Rune's insightful estimate of 1,19 tons CO2 per meter drilled for a completed offshore well was spot on! The accuracy of his guess highlights his deep knowledge and extensive experience in drilling operations. Not a simple task, given the unique characteristics of each well and the unpredictable weather conditions.

The purpose of this competition was to highlight the importance of emission reductions through insightful planning, monitoring, and analyzing emissions during drilling operations facilitated by the Stepwise Emission Monitoring application. The Stepwise calculation engine helps eliminate the guesswork associated with carbon management, giving Vår Energi accurate emission data-sets to drive real reductions.

The competition proved the effectiveness of this tool in aiding Vår Energi's operations while keeping an eye on their environmental impact, showcasing a total emission reduction of 2210 tons of CO2 equivalent to date, when compared against the P50-Well plan baseline.

Rene Woertman, Well Excellence Manager at Vår Energi, added during the presentation that,

"Safety and Emissions Management is core to Vår Energi's business model given their ambitions emissions reduction strategy."

Geir Ove Eikill, Head of R&D and Marketing at Stepwise, presented Rune with an iPad Pro running the Stepwise app, to further enhance his ability to make environmentally conscious decisions during drilling operations.

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