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Spotlight on Geir Ove Eikill

This week we are spotlighting Geir Ove, our head of R&D & Marketing. His experience, domain knowledge and strategic vision brings so much to our team. He loves the great outdoors and time with his family when he's not strategising emission reductions.

Jun 1, 2023

Tell us about Geir Ove
I am 58 years old, living with my wife in Stavanger, have 4 daughters and a lovely granddaughter.
Before joining Stepwise I worked as Vice President for Equinor, heading up the MODU new builds business unit responsible for delivering newbuild projects, in addition to rig intakes / ADC implementation and emission mapping for all MODUs across the entire Equinor fleet. Further, I previously have held several senior management roles at Smedvig and Odfjell Drilling and have more than 30 years of worldwide experience in the oil and gas industry.
In my leisure time, I like to spend time with my family, hiking, golfing, fishing and hunting activities with my dog.
I’m always open and curious about new technology and learning what value it can bring to the client.
Why did you establish Stepwise?
I strongly believe in Stepwise’s strategy to reduce emissions related to well construction by managing short term well planning, monitoring, reporting and long-term improvements of the total well emission in compliance with the client’s goals and the new EU CSRD / ESRS reporting directives.
I was exited to join the innovative and technically competent team we have established in Stepwise together with our strategic partner ERC. Further, I am passionate about working with Stepwise’s strategic technology partners and OEM’s leveraging new Emission Reduction Initiatives (ERIs) which are implemented in our web application for managing the reduction of the wells emission footprint.
In Stepwise, I can utilize my skills and be inspired by a multi-skilled team of talented engineers and colleagues.
What’s your focus in Stepwise?
My responsibility in Stepwise is to manage and drive the R&D department responsible for the architecture of the product and to meet our client’s expectations and the new EU CSRD / ESRS reporting directives.
I am also responsible for Marketing and Sales of Stepwise's energy & emission modules on the NCS.
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