Key merits

End-users & asset owners are choosing Stepwise

Ad hoc, in-house approach
Inefficient capital allocation and ROI performance
Taxes in-house engineering resources
Late and limited engagement with end-users can increase acceptance risk
Promotes Sunk Cost Fallacy mindset
Stepwise Advantages
Integrated end-to-end solution
Coordinated across end-users, asset owners and OEMs
Real-time data capture supports stakeholder awareness
Analysis across all onboard energy consumers supports decision making and capex planning around carbon emissions reduction
Independently verified and certified performance
Positive ROI from efficiency gains and existing incentives
Timely access to best-in-class R&D outcomes driving continuous improvement
OEM-driven solutions
Programs siloed by system
Ownership of results and data often disputed
Gains offset by cost creep and
vendor lock
End-user acceptance remains a hurdle