About Stepwise

Driving systematic decarbonization of heavy industry

Stepwise is a technology-enabled service driving systematic decarbonization of heavy industry, focusing initially on the offshore energy segment. Stepwise provides end-users, asset owners and equipment manufacturers with a common framework for planning and rewarding verified emissions performance improvement.

  • We combine domain expertise in operational performance, power consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions with a calibrated web-based software application to predict and model operational performance and emissions and gather data to support real-time performance measurement.
  • Outcomes are verified by a third-party certification company against ISO standards to confirm impact and support emissions reporting requirements.

Our service and analysis drive immediate, verified reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in applications where emissions are significant and where access to alternative power sources remains limited or infeasible.

Our service is built to support progress as technologies and resources evolve, collaborating with users and providers of industrial equipment to fund and implement advances within the context of evolving regulatory frameworks, always relying on external verification to confirm progress and performance.